Why Google Ads Is The Best? #1

Why Google Ads Is The Best?

Why Google Ads is the best?

There are so many reasons that I can share with you why it is the best online ads platform for your business.

Almost anybody you and I know around us uses Google Chrome as our default browser on our phones and laptops both at work and at home. For students in schools, they use Google Chrome as well. Apart from the usual browser, almost anyone we know uses Google Search as their go-to search engine. Lastly, when it comes to email, Gmail is almost the default choice for any of our personal emails.

Just with the 3 mentioned products, Google definitely had a lot more data than almost any other online platform. This is the reason why Google’s machine learning is really good!

Back to the question, why is Google Ads the best?

Well, Google Ads covers the highest part of the marketing funnel all the way down to the lowest part of the marketing funnel.
As a marketer or as a business, you can create Image, Image and Text Assets combined and splash them across the entire internet. You can make your Ad appear on the news someone is reading, a website someone is browsing, a video someone is watching, an email someone is checking, an app someone is looking for, a game someone is playing and the list goes on. It’s almost an endless list.

Since everyone is online these days, it makes a lot of sense to invest in online ads rather than traditional ads.

If not Google Ads, what else?

When it comes to search, there are a couple of other engines or platforms you can explore. Yahoo, Bing also known as Microsoft Ads, Apple Search Ads, Baidu, Naver and some others.

Alternatively, you can go into social media platforms. Most social media platforms offer ad options as well for businesses. Like Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter. The difference is that these social media ads don’t really “rule” the internet so their ads are most or less confined to their platforms, perhaps only Meta which do have an extended family of apps that the Ads can be served on.

So is Google Ads the best? Oh yeah!

Want to know more about why Google Ads is the best? Let us look at the different types of campaigns you can run on Google ads.

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