Why Google Ads don’t work?

Why Google Ads Don't Work

Why Google Ads don’t work?

This a question that I get every now and then when meeting a new business. They sort of tried to get their business on Google Ads either on their own or using a local agency and they say that it doesn’t work. 

So, why Google Ads don’t work for those businesses? It is usually either 1 of these 3 reasons (there may be others but I’ve narrowed them down to these 3 to keep things simple and on point).

  1. Just want to test it out.
    This idea of just wanting to test out put in a $10/day budget, 4 days later, no conversions, turn off ads. Sometimes, run for a few days, pause for a couple of days, turn back on for a few days, pause again, and turn on again.
    This is one example. Doing this will never work and perhaps Google Ads is something you should not look into. This platform is a powerful advertising tool due to machine learning backed by data. If the system is not given the opportunity to accumulate data for your account, it will not work.
  2. Wrong structure and objective.
    All the keywords are just lumped into 1 campaign and 1 ad group or maybe 2 ad groups. Ad groups are not themed and campaigns overlap. Keywords overlap as well. Especially for brand new accounts, without historical data, going straight into CPA or ROAS goals will not work well just yet. Sometimes, it’s due to the budget set being too low or the bidding set being too low causing the ad to not deliver at all.
  3. Learning period.
    The Google Ads platform requires a good amount of data for it to be effective. When a campaign is launched, the amount of time required to review may take a while depending on the account. To be safe usually 48 hours. If it goes live within just a couple of hours, the data within the 1st week is usually not accurate yet as the campaign is still in the learning phase. The learning phase can last anywhere between 5 days to 14 days depending on the amount of data being fed into the platform. But if changes are constantly being made during the 1st few days due to anxiety, then the learning phase will drag. This is another typical cause of campaigns not working and usually, people blame Google saying that Google Ads do not work.

I have run Google Ads for accounts both enormous and really small. Google Ads works for almost any business out there. It’s a matter of doing it in the right way and giving it time to work. For businesses that understand and are patient, it is really rewarding.

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