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How much Ad Budget do i need?

learn how Google Ads Charge.

For Google, it depends on which country you’re in. For example in Singapore, there’s an additional 7% GST to account for every media spend. But in other countries, relevant taxes may apply. So do check on this first. We will usually do a check for you on the possible different taxes across different regions.


Minimum required spend on google

Essentially, there isn’t really a minimum spend for Google Ads. But if you are have a media spend budget of anything below $2,000 a month, we would not recommend going into Google Ads yet as it is not cost-effective. For a full structure and to get a very cost-efficient CPC (cost per click), the machine learning needs sometime to learn and match the ad objective to the search query, keyword and landing page. This will take awhile. Once it’s done, the Ads will start getting hyper effective.

Match the ad objective & budget

Ads that go for impressions and reach cost lesser to reach a wider audience vs and Ad that is optimised for consideration and conversion. The lower the funnel, the higher is the cost unless your Ad has been running for a few months or years and reach its optimisation level then the cost will be lower greatly. 

Machine learning or AI takes time to learn how the audience react to your Ads. So if you keep changing and switching, this is bad for machine learning to take place. Editing of Ads should only be done in a measured way and not done rashly.

Match industry or product against the budget

Certain industries will see a much higher CPC and some, pretty low. Before we kickstart, we will always dive into keyword research 1st. Do set a SMART KPI as well. Especially if your business is new to Google Ads, we nee to let the Ads run for at least 30 days 1st to learn and then set a KPI for the business objective subsequently. Many times, the landing page is the issue and require many iterations before the business gets it right.

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